I took in a Toronto Raptors game today, just because someone at the office handed me a pair of tickets worth $400. Once in a while the company seats are up for grabs. So one of my colleagues wins them, and I say to him "Wow, good for you, wish I had won." Which is true. I wish I had won; not because I love basketball, but because I love winning.

I dragged a girlfriend with me, fully expecting to be courtside with these awesome seats. We're close, but not that close. It was fun in an I've-never-really-done-this-before kind of way. And I also got to pick someone else's already published brains about my current project. Her sage advice:

Spend more time writing than you do entering contests.

So what do I do upon my return? Enter my daily contests...and instantly win a football.

Contests: 1
Writing: 0