A colleague of mine was "let go" this morning. The fact that he was in the middle of a project for me kinda totally sucked. The fact that he made my days go by faster by creating daily pictograms of movie titles for us to figure out means that his departure is a truly significant loss for yours truly. (The Broken Arrow/Point Break double-whammy was truly inspirational, I must say.)

So I dedicate this blog entry to my comrade-in-arms Scott. Misery loves company, and now I am lonely.

The thing is, I've also been laid off, let go and fired. Sometimes all at once. And it's moments like these when you find out what the company you work for is really like. Big time. So I've had a peek behind the already suspicious curtain...and I have found just what I expected: a ship of fools.

Time for me to set sail in another direction.