The light at the end of the tunnel is fast approaching and I no longer fear it. I can only blame the power of the Write-Ons that is urging me to forget about all of that "earning a living" crap and focus on writing my book.

And the oddest thing happened today. A headhunter called me regarding three opportunities, none of which had any real appeal. The first two, I turned down flat. By the time we got to discussing the third one, I was feeling like a drowning man. I even heard myself say:

Well, I could probably do that for two months.
Then I realized that it's never just two months. It would have lasted all summer, maybe even until Christmas. I would have been coordinating marketing materials for a vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

A job that would have literally sucked.

I quickly came to my senses and turned that one down too. Of course, once I hung up the phone I regretted my decision for about...three seconds.

Stress level: 5
Word count: 10,202
Goal: 80,000
"Day job" days left: 8