As a young girl, one of my bestest friends had a sandbox in her backyard. It was pretty cool, except they didn't have a proper cover for it, just this beaten up blue tarp that was worse for wear.

So sometimes we had to clean it out before we'd play in it. Remember folks, this was decades before CSI and other cool shows that made finding something other than sand in a sandbox...Interesting.

So here I am at the day job, trying to clean up the mess until someone thinks about buying a cover. With 4 days left, do I really need to bother anymore?

I even had a coworker scope out my cubicle today. He was polite enough to let me know why he was snooping around the filing cabinets and stuff. This freaked out some of my immediate neighbours.

Seems they'd rather take chances with the new person, who does not seem to be arriving any time soon.