I've joined one of the most powerful groups ever to hit the publishing world: the Write Ons. Led by the fearless Michelle Rowen, author of "Bitten & Smitten" and the upcoming "Angel with Attitude", our group have all committed to writing a novel by August 1.

Already a successful past Nanowrimo participant, I already feel the stress of this challenge. Writing 50,000 words in 30 days is one thing because you really don't expect anything to come of it without a lot of editing. This deadline, a full 5-1/2 months away, leaves enough time to create something that may actually sell. And that scares the bejesus outta me.

This is just the inspiration I need to get off my butt and complete a book I started well over 6 months ago. My original "first good draft" due date was February 28. I think I have a better chance this time with a crowd of comrades egging me on.

And this will help me take my mind off of that whole "looking for a job" thing. Money is so over-rated, let me tell you. :)

Current word count: 9,810
Word count goal: 80,000
Weeks left in current job: 2
Stress level: 9.75