Today was brutal as a certain CEO looked over an 160-page publication two days past the final date and said, "I hate to be a stickler for details, but..."

Of course he picks the day I left the tranquilizer darts at home.

So Bonnie is rushed in to write some new copy, even though she's behind on the 568 projects she must complete by March 31. "Don't worry," a coworker says, "I've asked Medusa to help with the research."

Great, I think, and look through my badly-named files, knowing I had written something similar a while back. I locate it within minutes, and check some references to confirm the information. All I need now is that cool new stuff from Medusa.

Hours pass and the all-important info arrives by email:

"This is pretty good and could probably work for the section as is," she says.

Attached is the same article I had already written.

Stress level: 6.5
Word count: 10,546
Goal: 80,000 words
"Day job" days left: 6!!!!