Okay, my life has changed. For the better. The neighbourhood Chapters finally put the Spring issue of Elevate Magazine on the shelves, so I raced over to pick up a few copies. Why? Because I have an article in it!

So, I'm there, grabbing as many copies as I can hold, when I spot the articles listed on the cover. OMG - MY STORY IS A COVER STORY!!! Can you believe it? Of course, in order to read the article, you have to buy the magazine - it's listed in the "People and Places" section on the website, but the full article only appears in print. Rats! But still, I have a cover story.

:::dances with glee:::

The three articles due today were written and submitted, yahoo! One was not as timely as I would have liked, but the research on it was sheer torture. Scratch that, it was opaque torture...with a hint of despair in the wee hours this morning. The other two should be appearing mid-month on Love Your Place. Be sure to check 'em out.

Tomorrow will be dedicated to my Write-Ons WIP. Right on, right on.