Imagine my surprise when I awoke to discover that I had nothing due today. Sure, there was the usual "working on the WIP" and "come up with some ideas to query", but nothing on my never-ending to-do list had to be done precisely on this very day.

Odd thing is, I had planned to have this type of day on Monday. :)

I had a day of leisurely puttering and pondering, which was enjoyable at first, but then the weasels started their taunts:

"Better not get too used to this honey, you'll be back at a day job in no time."

"Yeah, you're just not cut out for this working from home stuff. You like schedules and routines."

"Don't forget a regular paycheque."

Then they all start to cackle and circle around me while doing strange pilates-type moves.

Feeling cornered, I quickly remembered who was in control and headed straight to the computer to work on my novel. After a few minutes, inspiration struck and something absolutely awesome happened with my main character. The words are flowing in full force again - hooray!

Speaking of which, I must get back to it so that I have a better word count for tomorrow's Write-Ons check-in.