So I did things a little differently today. Okay, I still rolled out of bed when I felt like it and slipped into my can't-leave-the-house-in-this outfit, but the difference came when I sat in the chair. And forced myself to write two queries before I could get back to the WIP.

Then I did something even crazier: after sending the articles, I went offline. And after I wrote a bunch for the WIP, I left the house. After changing clothes, of course.

Normally I would sit at the desk and hit the "send/Receive" button for my email as if I were the current high bidder in an eBay auction. But today I wanted to do things differently; I decided to get some stuff done instead of waiting.

When I returned home, I had crossed five things off of my "to do" list, including getting a bunch of gourmet frozen pizzas at an awesome sale price. Better still, when I went back online, I had an offer for one of the articles (exploring a slightly different angle, mind you, but an offer is an offer).

This new "hurry up and leave" tactic just might work out for me after all.

Happy Easter everyone!