I have been a bad blogger, but with good reason. The last week at the never-ending contract job was spent being treated to lunches and receiving absolutely awesome parting gifts. (Seriously, I scored big time. I should have quit more often.) There were some tears and one fabulous freakout next to the main black and white printer, but it made some of my colleagues start being honest with each other. So I guess the total lack of professionalism on my part was worth it.

Of course, this meant that nothing was accomplished for my Write-Ons novel. :::hangs head in shame::: Yet April brings hope, and more spare time than ever before, as long as I can keep the headhunters at bay.

Seriously, I have to learn to say "no" in a way that makes people realize I'm saying no. There have been a couple situations this past week where well-meaning people have referred me to jobs that are about as suitable for me as a size 4 gown by Versace. Looks nice on the hanger, but there's no way it'll fit.

Here's this week at a glance:

Stress level: 2.5
Articles due: 3
Interviews: 3
Write-Ons book goal: 5,000 words

Oh, and I want to try at least one slow cooker recipe too. Anything is possible as long as I turn off the TV.