It really was the best and worst of times at INXS on Sunday night. The crowd was moving, shaking and singing along. JD Fortune was spreading his love all over the stage...and Michael Hutchence rolled over a few times.

I won't lie: I was not a fan of JD during Rock Star INXS. I wanted Marty or Mig to win. Then Pretty Vegas happened, and I thought that maybe JD could be the right one for the band.

But during his time on earth and in those hot videos, Michael spoke to me. Here are a few things that he said:

"Hiya Bonnie, come over here, I won't tell your parents."

"I've made a thousand mistakes, learn from me."

"I'll give ya whatcha need."

How could I resist? So when INXS played Maple Leaf Gardens a very long time ago, I heeded Michael's call. For one night I was Hutchencified. Those who have experienced it will know what I'm talking about.

Then us. But I still had my vinyl albums, cassettes and relatively new CDs.

So when I heard that INXS was coming to town to promote their new album and JD Fortune, I let the first wave of the tour go on without me. I had my memories of Michael; I didn't need this scrawny attitude-laden Canadian boy.

Until a coworker told me about her Fortunification. It changed her life. She started wearing heels and mascara again, with the hopes of attracting someone with just a hint of JD in them. At first, I was concerned that she might OD on the JD, but all else seemed normal.

So I got tickets and dragged Michelle with me.

It was loud, it was awesome, but it wasn't the same. Then again, I was a lot older now, and had worked for Satan. That can change a person's perspective. Big time. The new songs were fabulous, but it hurt to see and hear someone else performing the old favourites.

Don't get me wrong, I still danced and sang along anyway. But the show made it official: Michael wasn't coming back. Ever. Sigh.

And it would have been nice if they played Beautiful Girl.