SPOILER ALERT! Lost season finale happenings will be mentioned, not that seeing them here before you check out your tape will make any bit of difference. Seriously.

So major crap took place on Whatdaf*ck Island. My beloved Sawyer is in trouble. Sayid is wondering why his cool smoke signals aren't working. And no one pushed the damn button. But let's get into some freaked-out storyline issues, shall we?

1. Who cleared all the pods from the tube's exit point to make room for more?

2. Why didn't Hurley kill Michael?

3. Why didn't Sawyer, Kate and Jack kill Michael?

4. Didn't those guys notice that they weren't heading towards any freaking beach?

5. When Hurley was released, why didn't he jump into the boat and kill Michael?

6. Who's crazier - Locke or Eko? Are either of them alive?

7. Didn't anyone think to go back to the hatch and check things out when the sky turned ultraviolet?

8. Will Charlie ever be able to play in a band again?

9. Can the French chick come out of the woodwork and kill off the creepy Other leader that they should have let Sayid beat to death?

10. Where are the evil black smoke beasties, the polar bears and the dinosaurs? Did they get caught driving under the influence too?

11. What the hell is going on?

There, that's better. Now I can get back to my WIP.