Sorry I haven't posted lately, I needed time to recover from my HUGE win on Friday: a Volume Shocking Mascara from L'Oreal Paris! I'm sooo worth it!

Life doesn't get any better than this people. The fact that I don't even remember entering the contest (since I barely wear makeup) doesn't matter, because I can now say that I've won two contests during May 2006, and there's still a week and a bit left to go!

Of course, since Monday is a holiday, that only gives contest organizers and Canada Post seven more days to notify me of contest wins #3 and 4 (I'm an optimist). Then again, seven is a lucky number, so this could work in my favour.

And yes, the WIP has suffered due to the addition of two-step mascara to my worldly possessions. Because it had me thinking about taking simple, one-step activities (like typing at a computer) and turning them into super-cool, highly innovative two-step ones (shopping for the perfect pair of Bermuda shorts, then typing at a computer).

It worked for the shorts, but not the writing. Sigh. I guess that's what the rest of this long weekend is for. Time for a list:

Articles written this month: 7
New assignments (YAHOO!):2
Queries sent: 5
Pairs of shorts purchased: 1
Upcoming days at the spa: 1
Bills to pay: 2 many