I have to say that there's nothing hotter than a hippie who can speak Japanese. Oh no, how about a hippie in a pair of women's purple track pants? Yummy!

My man and I were so happy that the hippies won the Amazing Race, they were the team that really did deserve it. Tahtow! Now, instead of asking myself "What would Madonna do?", it'll be: "What would BJ and Tyler do?"

As much as I delight in watching couples nag and freak on each other while awesome once-in-a-lifetime experiences pass them by, I will be using the hippies as my inspiration when the going gets tough. Not their fashion choices, just their attitude.

Things are a little overwhelming over here at the moment. Too many projects due, too many contacts to get in touch with, and too few shopping days left until I head to a tropical oasis!

Shoot, what was I worried about again? Mustn't have been that important. :)