Came back from a wonderful week in Bermuda, twitching with anticipation as I rewound a week's worth of truly tacky programming. Well, just the highlights.

So imagine my joy and delight to discover that I taped an episode of Game Show Marathon! I had set my VCR using a my ESTP (extra sensory tacky perception). Oh, it was horrible. No, really, truly horrific. DH left the room, screaming when Lance Bass appeared on the screen in a banana costume. Ooh! Then there was Tim Meadows dressed up as a police officer, what's up with that?

Okay, they were playing Let's Make A Deal, but when Paige Davis appeared as Little Bo Peep with a small dog in a sheep costume, I was considering dropping some acid to get over the extreme fromageness of the situation.

Sure, I could have just fast-forwarded the tape, but I couldn't. I had to see how bad it could really get. Ricky Lake doing a horrible Monty Hall impersonation. Leslie Neilsen not going for broke and winning the Dodge Viper for a viewer. Ah, it's sad and will continue next week.

The fact that I wasn't part of the team that created this show depresses me, yet motivates me to continue coming up with strange ideas and to actually do something with them. That's where my problem lies. In not getting my ideas out there. I mean, they are "out there". Just not out there for people with bags of cash or some form of influence to help me bring them to life.

Then there's that darn WIP. Let's hope it rains tomorrow so I'll stay inside.