And sometimes you are one.

The past two days have me spinning in all sorts of directions and I'm getting pretty dizzy. When it rains, it pours and this is when I struggle with the work/life/WIP balance.

Apparently I'm in demand right now, which will mean good things for the bank balance, but not so good for my ability to sit back and enjoy the ride. Current projects include:

1. An article for a popular Canadian women's magazine (when complete I can cross a life goal off of my list!)
2. A 3-day stint as a staff writer/proofer, starting tomorrow
3. Website content for a marketing company
4. Press releases for another one
5. And I have been referred to another company for web content writing

Oh, and I still have to keep the article query chain going so that I'll have stuff to work on next month - on top of my regular gigs.

Actually, this is the perfect time for a blatant plug for an article I wrote about being a freelance writer. Click here to read all about it.