I'm jealous. Another Write-On was able to create over 20,000 words this week, and there I was all proud and chest-thumping with my meager 4K. Sigh.

Of course, I had other things to do. Hair washing. Laundry. Watching superior television. Eating. Throw in the last-minute proofreading assignment and the online personality test - and my schedule was totally maxed out. Or so I'd like to think.

There are people out there who wake up two hours early in order to get their words on the page. Me? I try to sleep in as late as possible in order to make it down two flights of stairs to get my ass in the chair by 9:00.

I was doing brilliantly this week by making myself get at least 1,000 words on the page before I could get out of my seat. Even if I had to pee real bad.

Then on Wednesday the doorbell rang - and it was the mailman with a special delivery. (Note to Lara - this is NOT a euphemism.) The cell phone I won a few weeks ago had finally arrived. What fun!

So when I got back to the computer, I immediately went online to find out about all the cool features of the phone, checked out the kind of 80s tune ring tones I had to choose from and other important deets. The WIP long forgotten.

Then I got hit with the mammoth proofing project. Which I only have ten pages left to do, but had to take a break since my brain was hemorrhaging again. After proofing for twelve hours, there's not much left - even if I do spell it correctly.

So I visit other writers' blogs (thank you) for helpful tips on how they do it. And that inspires me long enough to get me to open Word. But the countryside off of the wagon is so darn attractive. It's hard to jump back on sometimes.