Lessons learned from this season of The Apprentice:

1. Good hair is essential.
2. Men with "ee" sounds at the end of their names may not be the brightest bulbs in the box. In fact, expect a blackout.
3. Feel free to profess your love of a colleague at all times, even during boardroom meetings.
4. Not all celebrities' heads are medium sized.
5. If a phone rings and it's in your pocket, chances are it's for you.
6. Sudden blood gushes and nosebleeds can't stop a dream team.
7. Being a valedictorian is way cooler than being head of the honor society.
8. If you blink a lot, you'll get fired.
9. Chambermaids can't afford "dry clean only".
10. Cool British accents rule.

I'm very, very passionate about the Donald's excellent choice. Woot! Even Randall showed up for the occasion. Hey, what happened to Kelly, the winner from Season 2? Did he get eaten alive?