There are a ton of things still left on my many to-do lists of 2006, but I have vowed to place them all into a recycling bin so that I am able to start fresh with 2007.

As I've been ignoring Suds, my first saleable (I think) novel, for nearly a month now, my muse has returned in extremely demanding form, stomping her little feet and pouting like a true princess of prose. Hopefully this will make the revisions easier, as my self-imposed deadline of March 1 is quickly approaching.

And even though Michelle's list of goals for 2007 is overwhelming, I can't help but follow her lead. So here we go:

1. Revise Suds and start shopping it around. (Land an agent and selling the book are on the list too, but first things first, okay?)

2. Add another magazine column to my roster.

3. Submit one magazine article query letter a week. (I was able to do this for five months last year, let's try it for all 12 this time!)

4. Find a writing group that works for me.

5. Less TV and more living.

6. Write another book or two (I have the ideas, just need to get them out of my head).

7. Win some fabulous contests.

8. Travel more.

9. Try new things.

10. Eat more veggies - except the evil ones.

Whew! It all seems totally doable when I have 365 days spread out ahead of me. I'll have to keep my ability to procrastinate out of practice and take on a new mantra:


I think I may have to put that on a T-shirt or shout it from the rooftops.

There, I'm ready for 2007 now. Bring it!