The gravy boat is still missing and, due to the cool new dishes, my tablecloth just doesn't meet the holiday standard anymore. It's too light; the white plates would disappear on it and some of the cranberry stains from last year never came out in the wash. (This year I have one of those Tide To Go pens on standby.) Ohmigawd, have I turned into Martha Stewart by some cruel twist of fate?

So instead of going out to the mall on a crazy shopping day, the DH went next door to one of our cool neighbours in search of a Christmas tablecloth miracle. He was even willing to make an exchange using the lamp of Disco Christmas, but I told him that Santa might set his gifts on fire if that happened.

He returned with a very cool red kimono-like tablecloth that our neighbour didn't really like but didn't want to throw away. (Kind of like the squinty-eyed cherub ornaments we have that never quite make it to the curb each year. We think they're possessed.) Lucky for us we were in need of a colourful tablecloth so it's ours now. It is a bit bright but everyone will be distracted by the squinting cherubs, awesome turkey and wide open space in the dining room anyway.

We even took some time out last night to watch a few of our favourite holiday movies: While You We Sleeping ("these mashed potatoes are so creamy") and A Charlie Brown Christmas ("what I really want is real estate"). We have a bunch of others that we'll be squeezing in between visits with friends and family. Or we might even take them with us if things get scary.

How about you? Which holiday films are on your list to watch?