Ohmigawd! We have a dining room in our house -- with a table and everything. The DH and I turned into Christmas elves and shoved all of our clutter into the basement for safekeeping while visions of a nice turkey dinner at a table danced in our heads.

Our next door neighbour even came over to see if everything was all right; they hadn't seen a light on in that room in about a year and were concerned that a CSI team was over to investigate a cold case.

Of course, whether or not the lamp of Disco Christmas or my new Zac Efron poster (kidding!) will make it into the room hasn't been decided yet. The DH had muttered something along the lines of "over my dead ghost-of-Christmas-presents body" but the song "I Believe in Father Christmas" by Greg Lake was being played very loudly at the time.

Now I just need to find my gravy boat and I'll be all set. Perhaps the pirates took it.

"Shiver me timbers! It's a wee ocean of gravy!"