When exchanging gifts with one particular girlfriend, I am always excited and terrified at the same time. Why? Because she is the original owner of Mr. Uglyfish, the ceramic grouchy grouper that is now part of my living room decor. We even have a little Christmas tree that stands next to him during the holidays.

But when I opened my gift this year, I was convinced that Joanne had reused an old box. On it was a photo of a something that can only be described as the lamp of Disco Christmas. Here it is in action:

Pink plastic circles hang down from a metal frame, surrounding a swath of vivid orange fabric. It bathes any room in a warm glow while a streak of white light reaches for the ceiling. Talk about funky.

The fact that it doesn't go with any of the rooms in my home doesn't matter, as the Disco Christmas lamp is more than a decorative accent: it delivers holiday funkiness whenever it's turned on.

Can u dig it?