The crocuses are in full bloom in my front garden. I totally missed the initial appearance of greenery and then the development of the colourful petals and opening blossoms.

Why? Because I've been staring at a computer screen in the basement for the past month or so.

Yesterday was balmy; the perfect weather for skipping school or calling in dead and avoiding anything that would make you go inside. I had some work to do, so my outdoor ventures took place after business hours.

The yard and front garden are ideal candidates for one of those "renovate my cesspool" makeover shows. Perhaps the neighbours have recommended our yard to show producers already.

Despite my efforts to help the environment with recycling and composting, my own green areas should have crime scene tape around them. But that can all change with a trip to the garden centre and a pile of elbow grease.

Yeah, just like last year. ;)

The promise of spring (which happens over a three-day period in Toronto) always gives me that false sense of hope that anything is possible. Black thumbs can become green. Seeds found in the junk drawer after a decade will grow. I will pull out the weeds and leave the plants I had purchased last year behind.

At least my intentions are good.

There is a joy that comes from sitting in a pile of dirt with the sun warming your back that can't be found anywhere else. Perhaps gardening is the only time I can connect with my inner pig. While there is the drawback of the inevitable "garden butt" that plagues me on the day after my first bout of power-weeding, it's nice to feel physically tired and sleep like a baby.

And sometimes, when I'm really lucky, the garden looks awesome for a week or two. ;)

I can't wait to start the process all over again in a few weeks.