There was a moment last night while I watched Project Catwalk (not Runway, this is the British one) when I realized that normal behaviour is becoming more and more rare. On last night's episode, the designers had to create a stage-worthy gown for a drag queen. And, when one of the male models didn't show up, one of the designers--who just happened to be a drag queen himself--offered to even out the ranks.

Stuff like that never happened at diabetic camp. The most exciting things were watching our friends blood-sugar levels drop during games of capture the flag, the nightly campfires and learning how to use a bow and arrow without hurting someone.

In high school and college, we'd watch in fascination as others would spread their wings of independence and colour their hair bright purple, wear clothing that would get them sent home and turn in assignments titled "How I Killed My Little Brother on March Break."

Back then, you really had to try to stand out. This was before reality TV, You Tube or shows like What Not To Wear where friends and family can shove you into the spotlight. Getting a cut of your 15 minutes of fame is easier, but finding a hook is growing more and more difficult.

Why? Because there's only room for one media whore in any given category. Just see if you can name these people to see what I mean:

1. Naked Survivor player
2. Reality-TV power couple
3. Any Apprentice winner
4. Bounty hunter
5. Red-headed American Idol runner-up
6. Ryan Seacrest's co-host of American Idol Season 1
7. One of the Gotti brothers
8. Even concrete falling on her head couldn't slow down this Apprentice
9. Reality-TV's first pirate
10. Any America's Next Top Model winner

How'd you do? Well, if a name popped into your head right away, that "celebrity" owns the category. If not, consider the category wide open for your big break or supersaturated with too many candidates.

Your best bets? Try out for an entirely new show or sit back and make fun of all those freaky people.