It's been a difficult 24 hours... that started well over 6 months ago.

(I told you I was no good at math.)

Anyway, last October was when I thought it would be a really cool idea to enter my WIP into the Romance Writers of America competition for unpublished writers: The Golden Heart. This is a very popular event where the winners are announced at the annual RWA convention and given oodles of attention, some even end up selling those award-winning manuscripts. We try not to call them names. ;)

So yesterday was the day that they would begin calling all of the finalists. Even though this important call would be coming, I decided to meet with Lara and Michelle anyway. The DH was at home and he could take the message, or get them to call back and leave it on the machine so I could listen to their congratulatory message over and over again.

When they hadn't called by the time The Apprentice LA ended, I assumed that they had simply run out of time and I'd have to just see my name on the official finalist list that would be posted on the RWA website in the morning.

I've checked it about 500 times and my name still isn't appearing. ;(

Not that I was expecting to be a contender, but it would have been just the inspiration to hurry up and finish the complete rewrite of the manuscript in question. Oh, maybe the fact that I'm rewriting it has something to do with why it wasn't selected.