Ahoy there! While waiting for a bus in the rain, it occurred to me that one online group really needs to have its own domain Whois designation (like .com or .org). And that would be the pirate community.

And I have the perfect Whois for them: .arg.

That would be the coolest way to turn any site into a destination of distinction. Just see what happens to my own url:


Pretty darn nifty eh? You have to admit that you'd be inclined to visit barclaysbank.arg, ibm.arg or, my personal favourite, google.arg. Imagine the treasure we'd find there me mateys!

Sell pirated movies and software? Then we have the domain name for you. Just think about all the ways .arg can help you recover from or help with:

A horrible shopping experience: bilgeratsworkatstorename.arg

A bad breakup: bewarethecurseofeddie.arg

Identity thieves: gotyername.arg

Mistresses: gotyermatey.arg

Wicked witches: broomstickedlasses.arg

Connecting with lost friends: wherearemehearties.arg

Dieting tips: avastyeballast.arg

Feel free to add on yer own domain, best one gets to walk the plank!