Campbell's sent me an email with a new low-fat recipe; it also happened to mention that butternut squash is the vegetable of the month.

Being that it's March 29, I wonder if it is March or April to which they are referring.

If the month in question is April, then hooray for the soup guys in being so proactive in supplying me with a recipe to take advantage of this fun-filled time. Can't wait to see the recipes for the rest ot the month: extra butternut squash blintzes and burgers for everyone!

Of course, since April is not mentioned, I can only assume that the month in question is the current month of March. Poor butternut squash. This veggie's 15 minutes of fame arrives so late that we didn't even have time to consider the recipes for butternut baklava or corned beef and butternut hash.

What a crime! Not that I'm even fond of this strange-looking member of the squash family, but to only receive promotion regarding your vegetable-of-the-month status with only THREE DAYS LEFT in the month is a total ripoff.

Unless, of course, Brussels sprouts were the vegetable in question, then the whole VOTM thing should just go on without anyone calling attention to it. Those green shrunken heads are totally unworthy. Read this blog post to feel my pain when it comes to the heinous vegetable I refer to as Satan's weed.

As for the poor, unrepresented butternut squash, I'm hoping that someone on Campbell's mailing list will take pity on them and pick a few up at the store by Saturday.