The Easter Bunny raced right past Casa Staring sometime over the weekend. Nary a coloured egg or new chocolate items could be found hidden anywhere in the house. The Lindt gold bunny purchased early in the week, however, was slowly tortured and enjoyed, thank you very much.

Seems my laryngitis was the beginning of what I can only call the "I'm coughing, and I can't stop" syndrome. Hours can go by with hardly a post-nasal drip, and then something happens to trigger the black lung.

As an ex-smoker, this "my lungs don't work" feeling is a little too familiar. And just another reminder of why that miserable old weed is so nasty.

Of course, being ill on a long weekend does have some benefits...

Actually no, it totally sucks. Even the Pussycat Dolls' marathon didn't make me feel any better. Especially watching the episode when they all got sick right before a performance and puking everywhere. At least I don't have the dry heaves as well as the no voice, clogged head and inactive lungs.

Yeah, I'm totally hot...due to a fever. ;)

So what does a woman with too many projects on her plate do when a cold knocks her off her game? Totally go on a tangent and watch one hit wonder videos on YouTube until 3 a.m., that's what!

I also found the coolest link that lists one hit wonders by decade: One Hit Wonder Central. Talk about the grooviest way to waste your time since Tetris!

Okay, back to the 80's...