I've been lame about posting. Too true. Of course, I could just explain it away by saying that my life has been so jam-packed with events, appearances and win-win opportunities that I hardly have time for beauty sleep, let alone blogging.

Or I could be busy catching up on regular stuff, like taxes. ;)

It also doesn't help that my body has responded to my need to slow things down by tossing a case of laryngitis my way. Poor Michelle didn't recognize me when I answered the phone yesterday. She also said I sound like a 97-year-old...man.

Time to record a new answering machine message, I'd say. ;)

The best part was the meeting I had with my life coach this week. Talk about a case of bad timing. Luckily Lynne and I have worked together for over two years now, so she could interpret my sputters and squeaks.

Turns out I'm taking on too much. Go figure.

And all this work has taken me away from my WIP and all the great book concepts waiting in the wings. When will I make the time to focus on them? We all know that waiting for the muse to arrive is a big bag of doo-doo, so what's stopping me?

Total fear of rejection, I'd say. ;)

Now, this isn't a pity party invitation. It's just that I've been living vicariously through the brave published and the unpublished-but-submitting souls that have gone before me and I shudder at some of their stories of photocopied rejection letters, hateful Amazon reviews or, what I feel is the worst, no response at all, whether from an agent or sales figures.

But I can't let that stop me. The Toronto Romance Writer's Golden Opportunity writing contest deadline is May 15. And I plan on having the WIP/RIP ready well before that date. Like May 10.