April snuck in without me noticing. And there I was with my St. Paddy's Day hat still on and everything. ;)

The feeling is that I'm on one of those carnival rides where you're stuck between two Sumo wrestlers and spun backwards while loud music by Bon Jovi plays in the background. Every once in a while the carnie calls out over the microphone, "Do you wanna go faster?"

The kids all scream, "YES!"

This is not my response, but I find it hard to breathe as I am squeezed beyond recognition in a Sumo sandwich. All I can do is pray that the ride will end soon.

But then I'd just get bored and take on another set of projects so that the cycle starts up again. ;)

Life happens like that. And being a pro at procrastination doesn't help. Why is it that my taxes seemed to be the most appealing thing for me to do yesterday? All of the other projects called out to me from their spots around the house: the beta-read, the copywriting, the editing, the transcribing of interview notes...and all the other stuff that seems to carry forward like an oversized backpack on the Amazing Race.

There are oodles of things to do, but I know I need to slow down. Working steadily, even if some of it is work that I delight in, leaves me little time to regroup and connect with other human beings.

As the DH so eloquently states, "When the computer is on, you're not here."

That's okay if we're talking about an hour here or there, but an entire day can go by and I find myself wondering why it's suddenly dark outside. The doorbell rings and I don't hear it. The DH could be attacked by a squad of zombie cheerleaders and the only way I'd know something was amiss would be finding a pompom with a hand still attached to it in the living room.

Hey, that's a great idea for a story...