This weekend was full of surprises. Fabulous surprises. ;)

At my local RWA chapter meeting, I won a raffle prize and got to race all around the room in true Price Is Right fashion, causing a loud yet enthusiastic disturbance. Man, I love those meetings! It's a great way to get in some exercise.

There was fudge at the meeting too. Yum!

Despite believing that killing off a character in my current WIP would be a bad thing, it actually makes sense and gives my heroine better motivation. That Michelle is such a smart girl...I hate it when she's right. ;)

I saved over $36 by using coupons at the grocery store! Hooray!

A beta read of a certain vampire romance novel had me loving the hero so much that I was in tears because I was so happy that he loved her too. Le sigh.

I completed two articles this weekend, which puts me a day ahead of schedule. Of course, I was already behind a day or two, so I'm claiming that I'm on target now.

A quick calculation (I love spreadsheets) indicates that one of my goals for 2007 -- sending out one article query letter a week -- has already been achieved. I've done 54 so far this year.

During a delightful lunch with Michelle and Laurie, I realized that my success really is up to me. All I need to do is the work. And work at it every day.

The Christmas cards will be mailed out today. Only a week late.

Last evening, I got five more pages on the WIP done. It's a mess, but there's five more pages than before.

And for these reasons, it should come across as no surprise that I'm feeling pretty darn good.

Time for a cat nap:

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