I've been horrible at keeping up with the Joneses, who blog every five minutes or so and always have something riveting or at least engaging to share.

Me? I've been biz-ay crossing many items off my never-ending to-do list, and I'm seeing light at the end of the first-draft tunnel for my current WIP. A completion date of March 31, 2008, is totally doable, so I'm gonna do it.

:::sprinkles magic powder over keyboard to keep the muse happy:::

I've also been fighting a battle. It's one between the book that has been written and the one currently in progress. Both want my attention, especially when Project Runway is on, but only one truly needs it: the current WIP.

Trouble is, I'm a revision junkie. Who knew that staying up until the wee hours, massaging a phrase or pondering the placement of a comma would be something I'd voluntarily do? It's madness!

And it's extremely problematic when I need to be focused on the manuscript at hand. A whole bunch of people have said that the best way to get published is to keep writing -- and I know they didn't mean "keep writing the same book over and over again." ;)

I also have to confess that I'm a lot more productive when I have to spend the day working in an office on other things. Once I get home, I'm actually excited to get onto the computer so that I can continue where I left off.

Don't worry. There's no way I'd ever go back to having a full-time day job, but getting out of the house every once in a while does have its merits. A paycheque is cool too.

What frightens me most is that I may fall victim to the Idles of March. You see it all the time: college kids frolicking on the beach, couch potatoes falling deeper into the couch...even teachers are caught relaxing in their own homes during daylight hours! The temptation to find a sunny spot and curl up with a good book is very, very tempting.

But I can't. Not yet.

Maybe I can hold off until April, when the snow might stop. Yeah, I've got big dreams. ;)

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