I know it's been a productive week already when my hand is aching from all the keyboard action. The buckets of words have continued to come through for me, and I have no freaking idea why so I'm just gonna stay focused on the prize: getting stuff dun.

Yeah, I mean dun: the kind of completion that leaves your brain so fried you can't even remember how to spell. ;)

And, speaking of prizes, I'm going to be appearing in part of a documentary called Winning for a Living, airing tomorrow night (Thursday, March 6) at 9 p.m. on CBC television's Doc Zone. A former boss says she saw a preview for it last week -- and recognized the back of my head.

Wow, is the back of my head that recognizable? I know I probably wouldn't be able to pick it out of a lineup. LOL

This has also been a week of decisions, priorities and everyone wanting me to work for them tomorrow and Friday. Believe me, if I knew that I was going to be this popular, I would have cloned myself a few times so one of me could stay in bed and avoid the piles of snow outside.

Ugh. March can take its "in like a lion" and...

Never mind, I'll just pour this angst into the WIP. Or my article on elevator speeches. That's the beauty of what I do: ideas are everywhere; I just have to be able to catch them. It's kind of like playing cat and mouse.

And, to demonstrate the point, here's a great photo that Laura sent me today:

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