I remember back in May when a colleague asked if I could take on a project slated for mid-to-late September. As tempted as I was to take it on, I took a day to look at everything I had planned for myself after my return from RWA Nationals. That's when my head exploded. The first time.

Thankfully, I didn't take on the project but now I'm in that crazy mess I predicted waaay back in May. And, I wouldn't have thought it possible, but the bog is much deeper than I anticipated.


This evening, when I realized it was no longer morning, it was Monday (not Sunday) and my to-do list had suddenly become an octopus, I had a moment. I gave myself 15.7 seconds to have it. ;)

Somehow I forgot to slow down since arriving back from San Francisco two weeks ago. All that rushing from workshops to lunches to gatherings to fan-girl experiences hasn't stopped. Not that I'm chatting up famous authors and editors and agents, mind you, but there has been chatting...with people who are famous in their own way. ;)

But this isn't anything new. I overload myself on a pretty darn regular basis. I'm sure if I created a "overwhelmed" label for my posts, I'd be able to predict exactly when I'll start dropping all those spinning plates again in the future. Sigh.

Right now, all I can really do is turn up the music and dance a little faster. Hopefully I'll outlast those stubborn to-do items...and burn off some calories at the same time.

So, speaking of dancing, I leave you with another fun vid:

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