This totally describes my week so far.

Too. Many. Zombies.

By phone. By email. In person. They are everywhere, trying to keep me from working through my manuscript revisions.

But I'm not gonna let them stop me, oh no siree. I have the tools I need on hand (Diet Coke, a red pen and salted licorice) to ensure I get on with this heinous task and complete it by month's end.

Of course, if I stopped answering the phone, checking email and maybe, just maybe, ignored the doorbell...

No, I can't ignore the doorbell. It could be someone delivering a fabulous contest win!

Laugh all you want, but I've already had two fabulous prizes arrive by courier this week, one of which was a prize pack including an orange tie-dyed t-shirt, size small.

Yeah me, but what were they thinking? I couldn't even get the thing over my head. Hey, it might make a nice party hat with a few alterations.

I just can't let the zombies get the better of me this week, and everything will be fine. Right?

Ugh. How do you keep your zombies at bay?

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