Okay, so this isn't really breaking news, but I wanted to share.

There was a time (June), when work was a little scarce over here in BonnieLand. My boss and I discussed this at length, which drove the cat crazy since I was talking to myself, and she suggested that I "think prosperous thoughts" like The Secret suggests.

And this time, I should actually believe it.

So I harrumphed. Went into my cave of doubt and wallowed around for a while. Heck, I even sorted through some of the files scattered all over my desk just to avoid wasting my time on what my evil boss wanted me to do. The cow.

Then I came across a list of goals I had made for myself back in 2004. Here are two that I found very interesting:

"Write for Homemakers magazine"
Been there, done that! And my latest article for them is in this month's issue. Here's the link:

"Actually finish a book"
Woo hoo, I've got three of those! One that will never see the light of day, mind you, but at least I got to the sorry, bitter end.

Now, I couldn't blame The Secret for these successes, but I remember writing these goals down and being really gosh-darn positive about accomplishing them. And, whaddya know? I did.

(Well. most of them. I'm still waiting for Weird Al to call me back so we can work on a parody together.)

So that got me thinking...about thinking prosperous thoughts. And opportunities (ones that actually pay) are popping up like dandelions on my neighbor's lawn. It's pretty darn cool.

Either it's The Secret or my name's on the bathroom walls again. ;)

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