I've unpacked. Done the laundry. Found room for the shoes and ultra-affordable clothing I purchased. And that's about it.

No, I lie. Most of my day was spent going through emails, piles of paper and to-do lists from days of yore (otherwise known as July), when a nagging thought kept tapping at the back corner of my consciousness:

Shoulda done more of that networking stuff at Nationals.

Sure, I hung out with cool writers (introduced to me by Michelle and Laurie), was dragged to shake hands with editors (thanks to Amy, Wylie and Christine) and met a few agents (thanks to an online booking form and Michelle again), but I still feel that I could have done a bit more of that reaching-out thing...

Only it makes me feel like treading in dangerous waters...

Thanks must go to Erica Ridley for sharing this fabulous San Francisco photo with me. And she says some folks were swimming despite this oh-so-gentle warning.

Where was I? Oh yes, swimming with the networking sharks. Perhaps I should have participated more in all the loops I lurk on. Maybe I should have simply blurted out a "how are ya" when I recognized a name on someone's chest.

Ugh. Coulda. Shoulda. Woulda. And I thought my self-doubt was limited to my writing. ;)

So, starting as soon as I don my water wings, I plan on dipping into the pond, or lake or whatever that body of social networking is. If you've been following this blog for a while, you know how much Facebook terrifies me, so I'm gonna start small. Or medium in some cases.

And someday soon I will get my San Fran photos off the camera. LOL

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