There's no need to call the cops; handcuffs aren't involved. Although some people like that. ;)

There I was, hitting some significant word-count action on NaNo, when suddenly another WIP, which has been sitting around waiting for me to get it it for some revisions, body-slammed me. Next thing I knew, I had worked my way through three chapters without even realizing it.

So I kept at it, without a second thought to the NaNo WIP.

Do you feel sorry for the abandoned work in progress? It has no feelings...

Actually, I'm delighted with the 15,000 words I created in just over two weeks. That's pretty freaking awesome, coming from a woman who seems to take forever to work her way through a novel.

Is it wrong of me to walk away and admit NaNo defeat before the deadline? I don't think so. What it did for me was to put some scenes down on paper that had been banging around in my head for the past few months. Now that I have the setting and characters down, I need to dig deep.

Yeah, the icky stuff that terrifies me.

And here I thought being held captive by a manuscript was scary enough. ;)

Gotta keep this short, the novel is cracking the whip again.

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