You know you're gonna have an awesome day when the DH wakes you in the morning with breakfast from McDonalds. ;)

And even long after the grease from the hash browns left my fingers, I still worked through the day with a dopey smile on my face.

Why? Let me tell you: I have finally finished revising one of my manuscripts to death!

That's it. I'm done. No more second-guessing, tweaking, primping and giving it one last look...

Oh yeah, it's been a long year working on this puppy. I lie: it's been over a year. And that doesn't make for a prolific writing career, let me tell you.

So, the next WIP, which I started with NaNo and now shall lovingly refer to as CA, is back on. The best part? While working on the other manuscript, CA pulled a temper tantrum and threw a Great Shashoomba* at my feet. This gives my heroine the motivation she sorely needed, so that made me wanna get the revs done on that other masterpiece right away.

Then, during a celebratory dinner tonight, DH helped me with some brainstorming to give this WIP the high concept it so sorely needed. I know; the DH and high-concept development! Who knew that his fabulousness never ends?

Thank goodness I chased him down and forced him to be my man as soon as I met him. Oh, in a non-threatening, flirtatious way, of course. With pepper spray. ;)

And, speaking of thankfulness, I'd like to take a moment to wish all my American friends a wonderful Thanksgiving. May you be surrounded by good friends, good food and family members who don't drive you too crazy.

*For those not aware, the Great Shashoomba is an idea that appears to come out of nowhere to solve a major problem in a manuscript, whether it's a plot point, character trait or, in the case of CA, the reason why the story needs to be told.

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