There's a lot to be said for those who take the whole "do what you love, the money will follow" credo to heart, Especially when it takes forever for the money to follow.

This can also get a lot of people in trouble, as they interpret this as doing only things that they absolutely, positively enjoy doing 100% of the time. For me, that would be sampling Lindor chocolates, watching retro '80s music videos and, when I grew tired of that, reading some fabulous books.

But even doing the things you love could get tiring after a while. And we all know how fickle we can be. ;)

For me, the whole "doing what I love" includes things that I would never claim to love: like accounting, making sales calls and, in some cases, working on projects where the love ran out long before the due date. ;) That's just the way life is. You've gotta have the rough to appreciate the smooth or the Wang to appreciate the Chung.

With all the doom and gloom regarding the economy, it's easy get all angsty and nervous about where the next pair of shoes is coming from. But, as I discovered while working full time, job security is harder to find than pixie dust, even during good times. And then there's the trouble of where to store it so the trolls don't come after you...

Of course, doing what I love should be incorporated into my writing, as that's what I truly love to do, even when the words are harder to get out of my head than dried molasses... or a grape juice stain on a white shag carpet. Sure, those times are heinous, horrid and a whole bunch of other words starting with the letter H, but they're just bumps in the road. A long road filled with all kinds of pit stops, like a Lindor chocolate sampling station or a taping of a Duran Duran video.

And, speaking of great '80s videos...

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