Okay, this post is not about spray cheese, but I couldn't help but notice that in my current WIP I make three references to spray cheese:

"She felt about as attractive as a can of spray cheese."

"He spotted her right away; her beach towel was the color of spray cheese."

And, my personal favorite:

" 'And you invented spray cheese too, right?' Tess said as she glared at the dark-haired girl."

So it looks like NaNo brings out the spray cheese in me. Ugh. Now there's a quote for you. LOL

And no, I haven't yet caught up to where I "should" be with the novel's word count, but I'm still okay with it. There's oodles of November left. Gulp.

Speaking of November, winter has officially arrived at Casa Staring. There is snow on the ground -- the serious stuff that looks all nice and puffy until you try to walk or drive on it. Somehow I always forget that winter happens here, every year.

DH and I snuck off for a romantic matinee screening of The Quantum of Solace yesterday. There are no spoilers in this post, so relax.

Bonnie's review for The Quantum of Solace: James Bond had way too much clothing on.

I mean, the guy is in the middle of the desert and he leaves his suit jacket and shirt on? What gives? And what's with him wearing white or beige pants everywhere? Sure, he can pull it off, but it's not like he's on a cruise ship getting ready for the shuffleboard circuit. Sheesh.

That's all I'm gonna say about it.

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