It's Friday already? Ack! Well, if I must select an appropriate excuse for the week, it'll have to be:

"Zombies ate mah brains."
Oh those zombies. They know exactly when to strike: when you have your hands totally full, the phone is ringing and there's something burning in the oven.

You think they'd go after the burnt offerings in the kitchen, but nooooo. They want you. Well, more specifically, your brains.

And, this time of year, on top of the regular flow of zombies, we also have the holiday-zombie madness. That's when they show up with red and green felt hats on, and some of them even sing Christmas carols.

Okay, maybe "singing" isn't the correct way to describe it since they kind of mumble through the melody, adding in the odd "brains, brains" during the chorus. Jingle Bells has never sounded better, let me tell you.

Of course, zombies don't literally have to eat your brains for you to give in to that excuse. I usually blame the zombies when I'm feeling overwhelmed, out of time and just not all that inspired to get off the couch. And we won't talk about dropping the box of holiday chocolates either.

But using the "zombies ate mah brains" excuse makes light of those who have had their brains eaten by zombies. They know all too well that brains don't grow back. It's not a switch you can flip on or off. Once dah brains is gone, they's gone.

And that would be a problem. Especially when I need those brains for all the stuff I like to do. ;)

So while it's tempting to pretend that zombies have eaten my brains, it's usually a sign that I've taken on too much or I'm simply focusing on the wrong things. Like line-ups in the malls or how long it's been since I've felt warm.

I think it's gonna be a long winter, zombies or no zombies. LOL

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