This one was super-easy to come up with this week, as I've spent way too much time in bookstores. Squee!

"There are enough _____ out there already."
Go on, fill in that blank with the thing you're avoiding doing, like that Great Novel or fabulous debut album or incredible clothing line. I dare you.

Walking into a bookstore and seeing all those other titles (some in the bargain bins, sob!) makes me realize how oh-so-not-alone I am in trying to land a literary agent and sell a novel (or two). How can I possibly compete? Why should I even bother trying?

Then I started thinking about the other things I seem to be able to get done, like preparing meals. What if, at some point, I suddenly thought: "There are enough meals out there already" and stopped cooking dinner? Or what if I took it to a new level with: "There are enough clean clothes out there already" and gave up laundry?

I know what you're thinking: those are necessary tasks. Right? Well, maybe writing a novel is a necessary task for me and my weakened sanity. Even if there are enough novels out there already, there aren't any with the Bonnification that only I can provide.

Wow, did this room just get smaller? LOL

Seriously though, if everyone suddenly felt that there were enough whatevers out there, we'd soon discover how limiting that way of thinking is. We'd all only have three TV shows to choose from (CSI, CSI: Miami and CSI: NY), two types of pasta (straight or curly) and four types of novels (classics, biographies, romance and science fiction). Anything else would be considered unenvironmental; because more than four choices would be too many.

Only allowing the world to choose from what would fit into a shoebox may seem like putting environmental awareness to good use, but is it? Is limiting everything we enjoy to only a few "approved" choices the right thing to do?

Not by a long shot. Freedom of choice might be considered a luxury, but it's an essential part of getting the most out of what you want in this lifetime. Sure, you might be in a situation where your choices are somewhat limited by the amount of time or money you have, but at least you have some sort of option, even if it's going with whole-grain or white bread.

It all boils down to choice, whether you want to offer it (for those writing novels or designing clothing lines or whatever) or delight in it (at the store, on your playlist or at the movies). All you have to do is decide. ;)

What do you think? Are there enough _____ out there to stop you from trying?