I forgot how much I don't like winter. And I completely forgot about the Duran Duran concert on Tuesday! Not that I had tickets or anything, but it would have been nice to see them... from a distance... without my glasses on.

Speaking of not being able to see people clearly, I dragged Michelle with me to a taping of eTalk Daily with the Top 10 finalists of So You Think You Can Dance Canada! Well, I didn't really have to drag her, since she's been riding the Nico train ever since his audition in Montreal.

For all the details and photos of our fun day out, click here.

And, after being that close to tasty dancers and way too many squealing young girls, Tuesday was kind of quiet. Then again, it could be that with all the snow falling, everything else just stopped. All I know is that Zaphod, the kitten of mass destruction, is now in full hibernation mode. Smart 12-pound kitty-kat.

Maybe that's why I'm enjoying working on my current novel so much: it takes place during the summer. Of course, to keep in a toasty frame of mind I've been wearing multiple layers, but then I catch myself in the mirror and wonder who let the Stay Puf Marshmallow Man's girlfriend into the house.

It's an ongoing battle, let me tell you.

I guess it's just finally dawned on me that it's winter. And it will be winter until it's not anymore, which can seem like forever... or at least until March or April. Grr.

But it could be that I detest my winter boots. They're big and clunky and just plain winter-boot looking. Sure, I could go for the cute and fashionable winter boots, but that always gets me into trouble since I can find the only patch of ice in a five-mile (or kilometre) radius and slide on it, no problem.

Yeah, it's about as far away from chillin' as you can possibly get. Word.

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