And no, it's not Bonnie. ;)

I'm now in the thick of working on my "dumped in the middle of NaNo" work in progress. It feels good to be back, as I missed these characters, even though I'm still working out some of the kinks. Like a plot. LOL

Trying to defy my normal method of writing by the seat of my pants, I actually outlined the novel (I know, call me crazy), right up until the black moment and everything. How it will all turn out in the end, I'm not too sure, but it'll be fine, really. ;)

Where was I? Oh yes, evil. You see, in this novel there are... wait for it... bad guys. Sad, but true. And these bad guys are referred to constantly in my outline as, you guessed it, BAD GUYS. (Yeah, the capital letters makes them sound even more evil.)

So instead of making great strides in this current novel, I'm snickering. Especially when I see a line like:

"As she learns more about how the BAD GUYS obtain their power, she suspects that she may also be a BAD GUY. But how can she stop the BAD GUYS if she is one of them?"

See what I mean? All these BAD GUYS are leaping from the page, but instead of scaring me and creeping me out, it's like they've put on sequins and teamed up with Andrew Lloyd Webber. I won't even get started on the list of musical numbers...

Don't Cry for Me, High School Dropout


All of these evil BAD GUYS had to go, so I gave them a name. And it's true what they say about the power of a name -- I'm suddenly able to see these antiheroes more clearly, and they're not nearly as black and white as I imagined them to be. They're not completely evil, just like an Oreo isn't all filling. There's the crispy outer cookies too.

Great, now I'm hungry. Again.

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