New Year's Eve kind of snuck up on me this year, just like Christmas, St. Nicholas Day and Thanksgiving did. Maybe I should pay attention to those calendar things. ;)

So between trying to reassemble the house and working on some octopus-like projects, I have compiled my list, in no particular order, of goals for 2009:

1. Stay active
This means actually getting to the gym instead of just thinking about it. The goal is three times a week. Or do something else exercise-worthy if I don't hit the treadmill and weights.

2. Finish two more books
I'm starting off 2009 with 20,000 words into a young adult novel and a bright shiny idea for another one. Let's see how I do by the end of the year.

3. Land a literary agent
Of course, I probably shouldn't advertise the fact that I'm looking for representation so that people can assume I'm on the pathway of publication success already. But then I wouldn't be able to ask people for money ("donations") at parties. ;)

4. Do it already
There are a lot of times when I find myself talking about doing things instead of actually doing them. It's time to become a Nike commercial and "just do it."

5. Give back
There was an excellent article in a magazine I can no longer locate in my cluttered home on how one woman pledged to do one good deed a day for 50 days. And she didn't let herself do the same deed (opening a door, picking up litter, giving change to a homeless person, etc.) twice. As a person who has it pretty darn good all things considered, there are certainly areas in which I can do more to give back. It's one way to shake things up without heading to the mall. ;)

6. Declutter
Since Santa came by and dropped off a whole bunch of really neat new stuff (like a cross-cutting shredder, DVDs and items for the kitten), it's now time to move some of the old stuff out to make room. And it would be really nice to use the dining room more than once a year. LOL

7. Quality time
Make time to visit friends and relatives instead of trying to squeeze them in when work permits. It's hard to believe how freelancing has hampered my ability to socialize!

8. Time off
I tried this last year, so I'll keep at it by having at least one day a week when I'm not working on something work-related. Wow, that was a really roundabout way of saying "I'll take a freaking day off each week," wasn't it? ;)

9. Let go
As gal who loves the Zodiac, there's something about being a Cancer that makes me cling onto things that have long outworn their welcome, be it emotional baggage, fears or even expired coupons. Time to let these go with a big smile and a wave.

10. Laugh more
There was a moment during Christmas dinner when my mother and I both burst into such a wonderful round of laughter that I missed it when it was over. Of course, knowing there's another gleeful moment right around the corner is half the battle -- actually finding it and being open enough to revel in it is much harder. May I be able to do both with ease this year.

And I think I'll stop there. Sure, I could pile on even more goals, but then I'd start the year feeling so fixated on the finish line that I'd forget to have some fun along the way. Who knows, maybe there'll be a television appearance or magazine column on the horizon...

Do you have some big, juicy goals for 2009? Or would you rather wait and see what comes your way? Either way, have a very Happy New Year!

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