Last year, my mother gave Zaphod a zebra finger puppet for Christmas. We think it's because the zebra went with his fur and Mom just loves to accessorize people, places and things. Both he and the zebra also have names that start with z, so it makes perfect sense. Well, to Mom and I anyway.

And, wouldn't you know, our cat loves his little zebra. He carries it up and down the stairs and keeps it next to him when he's sleeping. It's very cute and makes it hard to resist taking candid photos of them together.

Oh come on, how can you resist such a massive dose of cuteness? Doesn't it just make you believe that when you wish upon a star your dreams will come true and Santa really does plan on bringing over a chocolate fountain along with the members of Boney M? Oh, not to cover them with chocolate though, that would be freaky. We'd just want the band to sing some tunes for our post-zebra-hunting par-tay.

Yeah, I'm a crazy cat lady and proud of it.