I've come to the realization that my idea file is empty. No, not the shiny new idea box that I keep on my desk; that one's jam-packed with all kinds of scribbled-over bits of paper.

It's just that lately, when I've been trying to outline my current WIP or brainstorm some fabulous magazine article ideas, I'm drawing a blank. Actually, it's an echoing yawning chasm with just the merest hint of a low-level fog. Can you hear the hounds howling from above?

Sure, I've just had some recent back-to-back Great Shashoombas, but one cannot survive on shashoombas alone. A regular influx of muse-ness, no matter how small, is required.

So where do I get my hands on some muse-ness? Is there a muse store?

Yes. It's called "look around you." Le sigh.

Other authors and craftspeople take a peek out the window and find inspiration. They read a newspaper article, and a nine-book series suddenly pops into their head. A chorus of a song on the radio has an artist selecting a brush and palette to put the melody onto the canvas.

And here I am, feeling meh about it all. Even with all the holiday stuff swirling around me.

Perhaps it's a little NaNo letdown. Not that my non-qualifying word count is anything to sneeze at, but once I stopped writing, I... how you say... stopped. Then the shashoombas came over for a visit. Sure, I made a heap of notes, but I still didn't open up the manuscript.

Man, I wonder which excuse I'll have to blame this on? ;)

Good things can happen on Tuesdays. So let me see what I can whip up before midnight.

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