Now I realize there are a gazillion writers out there who can pump out 30 pages in a single day if they really put there minds to it, but for me, a 30-page week is fantabulous.

The end is nigh. Well, of course, now that I'm almost there, I completely forgot about a pivotal scene that must be added to tie up one major loose end that can't be left dangling or it may get caught up on something and strangle the possibility of a series. Yeah, and I'm working on my run-on sentences too.

And to help make my summer even more fun, I'm helping out in my RWA Chapter's contest. It's pretty darn cool seeing all that happens behind the scenes: the voodoo rituals, cover-model auditions and martini-tasting parties. Sheesh! It's hard to imagine how we find the time to tabulate the results. ;)

I'm hoping this will keep me too busy to enter more writing contests. Oh, you don't know how tempting it is for me when I see all the "deadline extended" calls for more entries. Funny how our chapter's contest didn't have to do that. In fact, we got more this year than last year. So much for the economy making people limit their entries (or maybe they just entered ours...).

Okay, I'll stop bragging now. It's not like I had anything to do with it -- I was too busy taping a game show and putting my thoughts on paper for my tell-all account of the Canadian game show industry.

Is that the phone ringing with offers already? Or is Grandma calling again?

Subject change alert! For some reason, I ended up seeing The Hangover. As some of you may not realize, I find it hard to watch comedies simply because a lot of them, in my opinion, totally suck. Or I could just be jealous because I didn't write them. ;)

So when The Proposal ended up being sold out, Michelle and I had to choose between Terminator: Salvation (which she had seen already) and The Hangover (which Michelle wanted to see in the first place). Funny how that worked out... hmm.

Michelle let me choose, so I went with the one I expected to be completely horrid. Besides, she really wanted to see it anyway.

And you know something? I found it to be... hilarious! I laughed out loud numerous times. It was so unexpected, I even forgot to finish my popcorn. The Hangover had some moments that could be improved upon (and covered up), but overall, I enjoyed it.

Plus, when I got home from the movie theater, I sat down and wrote eight more pages in the WIP.

Now if that isn't the sign of a good movie, I don't know what is. LOL

How about you? What are your fave summer movies so far? (No spoilers please!)

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