The weirdest thing happened the other day. DH and I were driving home from a very exciting grocery shop (lots of coupons were used!) and a song that had been in my head since we were in the produce section came back to me, loud and clear. And it wouldn't go away.

Once we got home, I told him a song was trapped in my head.

"Me too," he huffed as he lifted the cases of Diet Coke out of the trunk.

"Really? Which song?"

And, wouldn't you know it, we both had the SAME SONG trapped in our heads!

You don't understand: our household is of two musical tastes: his and mine. Rarely do I venture into his progressive-rock filled universe, and he doesn't dare to trip on over to retro '80s more than three times a year.

But for some reason, such as being together for over two decades, we were both thinking about this song by The B52's:

How about you? What song's been trapped in your head lately?

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